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Protect Your Home With Quality Condo Insurance In Denver

While your condo may share some walls, it is still your home. So you should protect it like one by covering your interior walls, finishes, and property with the right insurance policy. Your HOA’s insurance policy covers your property, it likely doesn’t insure your personal property inside of your condo. Your furniture, clothes, and pieces of artwork all have plenty of value, and they deserve the right kind of coverage. To keep your things properly protected, you need personalized condo insurance in Denver from Adler Insurance Group. We have a wealth of policy options to help you cover the assets in your residence, any building upgrades, and even supplement the master policy.

With our insurance reps at Adler, you’ll get the coverage that you deserve for your condominium.

Why Do You Need Condo Insurance In Denver?

Don’t be fooled by your HOA’s insurance policy! When you purchased your condo, you likely paid an insurance fee to your Condo Association (also known as a Master Condo policy). The association’s insurance policy is rarely ever comprehensive and usually is only in place to protect the association.

That Master Condo policy will mainly cover the outer structure and general areas of the condo, not your individual unit and everything inside of it. This means you’ll still need to insure your unit and the stuff you own.

For that reason, you’ll want to acquire an individual condo insurance policy to protect yourself, your things, and your wallet. Standard condo insurance policies are similar to coverage options for homeowners as they both provide:

  • Personal Liability Coverage - To protect you against any claims or suits alleging physical injuries, bodily injuries, or property damages for which you are responsible.
  • Personal Property Coverage - To help repair or replace personal belongings (e.g., electronics, furniture, art, etc.) in the event they’re stolen or damaged in a covered claim.

This means the right kind of individual condo insurance policy can help pay for expenses that may be caused by theft and vandalism, fire and smoke, falling objects, and sudden/accidental water damage from plumbing or appliances.

Customizable Coverage To Your Needs

Our condo insurance is not a “one-size-fits-all” policy. It’s true that your condominium shares similar structures and features with the unit next door. However, your unit is different in a number of ways from the others on the block. From the renovations and improvements you’ve made to your unit to your personal possessions inside of it, your condo is one-of-a-kind and it deserves a policy that’s just as unique as it is. Our agency’s goal is to help you find the best condo insurance for your specific needs.

We are very proud to offer customizable policies for condo owners just like you. Our agents will take the time to talk through your needs to fully understand them and guide you through the different coverage options we can provide for you. For instance, your policy can additionally include Loss of Use coverage, which helps cover living expenses if your condo becomes temporarily uninhabitable.

At Adler Insurance Group, we want to help you get coverage for the things you need without paying extra for the things you don’t. That’s why we will create a custom policy that is designed specifically for you.

You can rest assured knowing your condo’s coverage works best for you without going over your budget.

An Experienced Advocate In Your Corner

Whenever you need to submit a claim, our agents at Adler Insurance Group will be there to advocate on your behalf. We understand how stressful the claim process can be, but we’ll help support you through the process and help ensure your condo is covered.

To top it all off, our agents at Adler can also offer protection to help pay the deductible of your Master Condo policy. With this custom feature, you’ll have even less to worry about with your Condo Association.

Request A Quote For Your Denver Condo Insurance

Your condo contains a lot of sentimental and financial value, which means you can’t leave anything to chance. The future is always uncertain, so you need to be prepared for the worst. Our agents at Adler Insurance Group can help with that.

We can develop a fully personalized condo insurance policy that is completely unique to you, your things, and your unit. With this coverage in place, you’ll be ready for the unexpected.

Contact our team at Adler Insurance Group today to get a quote on your Denver condo insurance policy.