What To Ask Your Agent About Car Insurance In Westminster, CO

Wednesday, 12 May 2021 15:47

Your car is an incredibly important part of your life. As such, your automobile deserves to have a quality insurance policy to protect it. Whether you're thinking of switching insurance providers or you're shopping around for car insurance in Westminster, CO, there are some important questions you'll need to ask your insurance agent.

If you want to find the best policy for your needs, take your time when comparing providers and ask these questions.

6 Questions To Ask Your Agent About Your Car Insurance In Westminster, CO

The answers to these questions can make it significantly easier to compare your options and find the right coverage for your needs. As you meet with various car insurance agents, be sure to ask these key questions.

What Kind Of Coverage Should I Get?

Every state has different required amounts for auto insurance coverage. For instance, the minimum mandated coverage for car insurance in Westminster, Colorado is $25,000/$50,000/$15,000 (Nolo). However, the bare minimum only covers bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

Additional policy add-ons can help protect your vehicle from other kinds of disasters. Uninsured motorist protection, for instance, will help pay the costs of repairs if an uninsured or underinsured motorist hits you. And comprehensive insurance will help pay for damage from non-crash events, like fire, theft, or acts of nature.

An insurance agent will be able to provide further clarity to you on which kind of coverage options to pursue.

Who Can Drive My Car?

It's your car, but will you be the only one driving it? Do you have teenage drivers in the household? Will your policy allow you to lend your car to a friend? Can you borrow someone else's car and still be covered?

It's important to have a clear idea of who's legally allowed to drive your vehicle under your policy, so you can avoid unpleasant situations later down the line. Every insurer will manage these situations differently, so make sure you have a clear understanding with your agent.

Is Usage-Based Insurance Right For Me?

Usage-based insurance (UBI) is a type of auto insurance that's newer to the market, and it may offer the perfect kind of coverage for your needs.

As the name may imply, usage-based auto insurance calculates your premiums based on how you use your car (Policy Genius). Your insurance company will gather the necessary data on your driving habits through a mobile app or a plug-in device that tracks your car. While it is not offered by all insurance companies, UBI policies are available in two different types: pay-how-you-drive and pay-per-mile.

Believe it or not, UBI plans can help you save TONS of money on insurance. Drivers usually save roughly 10%-15% annually with usage-based insurance. Safe drivers who don't rack up a lot of mileage can take advantage of the outstanding discounts.

Usage-based insurance could be the best policy for you if:

  • You drive your car less than 11,500 miles per year (if you drive more than that, you aren't likely to save on premiums)
  • You're a safe driver
  • And you don't mind tracking your driving behaviors

Do I Need Gap Insurance?

Also known as "guaranteed auto protection" insurance, gap insurance is a type of auto insurance that helps cover your debts and losses if your car is stolen or destroyed in a total loss. Essentially, this coverage pays for the "gap" between what you still owe on a lease or loan and what the auto insurance company paid out when your car is stolen or destroyed.

Some creditors may require you to add gap insurance to your auto policy. That said, it may still be a good idea to add gap insurance to your coverage since those funds can help you recoup as much as possible from a loss. This can be especially helpful if your car loan costs a pretty penny and you feel "underwater" by all that debt.

If you've recently purchased or leased a new car, then it would be wise to inquire about gap insurance with a reputable agent.

How Did You Calculate My Auto Insurance Rates?

Cost is always a top concern when comparing car insurance rates. For that reason, it can benefit you to understand why your premiums are priced the way they are. It all just depends on how risky of a driver you are, and insurers will rely on numerous risk factors to calculate your premiums. These include:

  • Your age and gender
  • Your marital status
  • Your credit score and claims history
  • The age, make, and model of your car(s)
  • Your driving habits
  • And more

By having a better idea of how your premiums are calculated, you'll be able to shop around more effectively for the best policy for your needs.

What Discounts Do I Qualify For?

This is the top question we field from our clients all the time. And it is always worthwhile to ask because every insurer will offer unique discounts. You likely qualify for at least a few of those discounts, so it's in your best interest to inquire about them. Ask about discounts for things like:

  • Safety features in your vehicle (e.g., car alarms, airbags, rear-view cameras, etc.)
  • Clean driving record
  • Good grades
  • Safe driving programs
  • Raising your deductible
  • Bundling home and auto

There are plenty of other ways to lower the costs of your auto insurance in Denver. But the best place to start is a conversation with your agent.

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